1. illdownhill:

    illdownhill Team Rider Steve Kong, Backside check.

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    Steve Kong Backside Check
    Gif. Via illdownhill

  3. Some footage from the Davis City Downhill held at Fall Creek. It is a steep pitch with 2 big turns and some rough pavement.

  4. Steve Fitzmaurice blasting on the new Earthwing HellCamino!

    Steve Fitzmaurice aka Stove, a recent and hell of a fitting homie who’s become part of EW last year has not wasted time and came through to show of the new 2014 Hell Camino. Filmed by John Sevik, this Crazy Taco edit gets us excited for all the new **** we got lined up for ya’ll.

  5. Earthwing Team: Playing Skateboards

    A little more lost and found footage from the depths of Andriy’s hard drive of a bunch of us playing on the streets and parks.

    • Film: Andriy/Ed/Will J
    • Edit: Ed
    • Song: Basta Huedo - Malportado Kids ft Cathawk
    Steve also rides for
    • Earthwing Giant Skateboards
    • Black Velvet Slide Pucks
    • Bat Fiends’ Fat Beans
  6. durtywill:


    Smash It Dead Fest 2014

    Democracy Center

    March 29th, 2014


  8. They’re here.
    Dropping on March 1st.
    Shipping out to shops as we speak

    And now we have a little Facebook contest to give you one of your very own! 

    Go to our Earthwing Skateboards  Facebook page for more details!


  9. Lost and found footage of Steve Fitz, Connor, Colm, Sam and Ed, put together to get you through the winter.

    Edit: Ed Nieves
    Song: Shady Hawkins - Yr Time is Up