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    One of the greatest feelings ever. For ever ever? For ever ever.
    #Durtbowl is complete and is immensely satisfying. #diy #poolcoping #skateboarding #durtbagforlife #gflb #poolcoping # bowl riding #diybowl #dirtysouth
    And my floating @earthwingnyc wheels


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    Gotta rotate trucks… @earthwingnyc #earthwing #indy169s #poolcoping #skateboarding


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    #sundayschool @ #Durtbowl #diy #skateboarding #hailskatan #gflb #db4l

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    Max Gnar
    Town of Lexington

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    Slappy selfies

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  6. Game, set, match. Locking in and loading on the Supermodel 3d, whilst surfing the first chicane at the Whistler Longboard Festival- Sam



    First, I want to thank Marc Dean, Travis Davenport, and Brian Davenport for putting I Love DH on. I had a blast!

    Okay so, this event was almost 2 weeks ago and was definitely the chillest event I’ve been to thus far. So I thought l should share my experience with you all. Sorry I’m not sorry for doing a write up so very late but I didn’t really think about doing until it was very late. I’m that guy who usually does the paper the night before. Yep that guy. I hope this can still be relevant and if it isn’t? 05



    Jessica, my big sister. The resemblance is uncanny isn’t it?


    It was the on 19th we all met up at with my big sis, Jessica Corchia, at her house in Queens. We decided to leave in the evening and arrive by night to get a good spot to camp in the parking lot of the side of the hill. In the van, was Jessica, Patrick (her newly wedded husband!), Santina (my girlfriend), Max Gnar, and Ed crammed somewhere in the back of the van. We stop by a local beer distributor, picked up some hipster beer and hit the road.


    The road that we hit

    I managed to get a wee nap until we were about an hour away from Windham. Someone got excited about a deer and then we accidentally ran over a muskrat or something. The van smelled pretty skunky after that and i think Jess was kind of traumatized. Actually, I remember just last year when we went to a Bible camp a turkey crossed the street out in front of us and we all got really excited and high fived each other.

    We don’t leave the city often, okay?


    Santina you’re creepin’ me out

    We set up camp in the rocky lot off the race hill and got to cookin’. We had corn, asparagus, sausage, potatoes, hamburgers a plenty of shots of Fireball. I think it was safe to say that we didn’t ration our food well because i can’t remember having much else than hotdogs or bacon for the rest of that weekend…




    Max doing a Northern Oliver

    Max tends to wander off and do his own thing from time to time. He’s usually okay but I thought I’d be a Dad and make sure he was doing alright. He was, of course, doing just fine. I thought I’d stick around a little to get some shots of him in his natural habitat. One of the many allures behind Max is that, although no man(or woman) is an island, he doesn’t really need anyone to enjoy himself. He’ll go on an adventure and tell you all about it when he’s back.


    The Midsvan- From left to right: the back of Pete Lafreniere’s head, Conor Reilly, Norm Plante in the far back seat and Mac Holmes to our right

    Eventually some of the boys from Philly rolled through then the Midsvan arrived and parked themselves right beside the EW van. It was fun. Some Windham locals we didn’t know, saw the commotion came through and were down to clown. They were snowboard/ street skater types that seemed pretty chill about an event that predominately had longboards involved. Either way I think they just wanted to party. We played a drinking game called Thunderstruck (a game in which you would drink everytime “thunder” is said during AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”) which i suppose is a healthier alternative to the The Police’s “Roxanne”.

    I can’t recall much of the night after that besides calling out for Max for about a half an hour only to give up and passing our in the tent.


    Nick Sharek thinks it’s too early for this shit


    The Midsvan collective piss jug.

    My head was bumpin’ but i was fine. I walked over to the van and noticed some trash littered about as well as a large branch amongst the trash. It didn’t take long for me to put two and two together and realize it was someones failed attempt to start a fire. An older guy who probably worked at the resort asked me, rhetorically i might add, if I wanted him to take the branch over by the woods so no one gets in trouble. I was like” sure, whatever, man”. Max told me about an interaction between him and the old guy earlier on and it went:
    Old guy: somebodys got quite a mess to clean up.

    Max: oh that’s not our van

    Old guy: whose is it?

    Max: it’s .. .. …MIDS

    Old guy: …who the hell is MIDS?


    this is MIDS


    Marc Dean

    Marc Dean allowed a few of us to drop in before the riders a few times during the event and that was much appreciated. I was stoked. In fact, here’s a raw run of Max Gnar himself.


    After that i started shooting a bit more.


    Matt Coughenour

    I did my due diligence and snagged at least one good shot of one of our newest riders, Matt Coughenour. Honestly i didn’t think any of my photos of the riders were turning out well. I don’t really shoot downhill nor do i have the preferred lens for the job (I shot with a 35MM lens the entire weekend). So yea, a lot of cropping in post!

    Here are some more shots:


    Bryan Sheehy with a smile


    Dan Herzog leading the pack



    Team Mids Fuck Yea


    The walk of shame

    A took a few more shots throughout the day which you can check out on my personal photoblog: Steve Kong Tumblr.

    Last year we happened upon a pool and a lovely pair of jacuzzis. So we decided we’d try to happen upon them again… We did and it was awesome. It was until someone noticed us and said, rhetorically : “Where ya guys staying?” Ed quickly answered: “Nearby…” Obviously it was our time to leave, so we did. Lots of people ask rhetorical questions in Windham i guess.


    Later Marc Dean put on a little push race to a local venue for some change. I don’t know who won.


    A grom by the name of Garret Gourley burned his shirt for some reason.




    Whelp, looks like there are some images missing from that night guess you’re going to have to check out my blog! steve-kong.tumblr.com/



    The nature of tents in the sun can be very upsetting. It gets so damn hot and uncomfortable when you just want to sleep a little bit more. Ah well, wakey wakey! Unfortunately we couldn’t camp in the lot because we made too much noise the previous night. So Marc had everyone moved to a more secluded spot off the crash corner. It was just as well, It ended up being even crazier the following nights!



    It was more of the same the next day. This time I hung out by the last corner for a little bit. Noticed a banana peel in the road… Mariokart anyone?


    Matt Coughenour taking the inside


    Photo Credit: Yann Lhermitte

    When i wasn’t lurking or shooting, (photos, that is) i manned the grill. I was hustling hotdogs to hungry skaters . Kai Salam, I think you still owe me 3 dollars.


    Kai Salam’s Sriracha

    I thought this was the Sriracha i brought at first. I was legitimately furious but then i found out it was Kai’s. Still a sad sight. Who would do this?


    The Earthwing Van now doubles as a stick-and-poke tattoo shop!


    If you don’t love Stephen Sabia, you probably don’t know him or you’re the devil and i hate you.

    Stephen showed up on his bike with a ton of gear strapped to the back! Hippy Steve is always stoked.


    Nathalie Herring putting some tunes out for spectators


    Leon Vincent and myself with the megaphone. Photo: James Contreras

    Later on Earthwing held the slidejam down people were killing It there were no “winners” per se, however, we did acknowledge a few people that killed it. Norm Plante walked away with an Earthwing Jailbird. Some Slide A’s went some ripper techsliding and we gave out a few more goodies as well.

    We also put on a longest manual to powerslide contest (courtesy of Community Bikes & Boards which ended up being a longest manual contest because a manual to powerslide is actually difficult to measure and many people didn’t understand exactly how we wanted it done. Anyways, local NYC homie Leon Vincent took home a $100 gift card from Community Bikes & Boards. Hell yea!


    A ripstik- Someone made millions off of this, but that’s none of my businiess.(Ripped from Google Images)

    The overall winner of the weekend, however, ended up being a local gromette by the name of Sabrina. We fondly referred to her as “Ripstik Girl” because she destroyed the slide hill on her Ripstik. Also, she broke her hand attempting to hit the kicker with it then made a few more attempts even after that. Damn. No cowards here in Windham.


    Not sure who started the fire, but whoever you are, you kept a bunch of skaters warm and happy.

    We all reconvened back to the site and found a nice bonfire going on through the night. There’s something romantic about a bunch of skaters huddled around it an illicit fire watching cool shit burn. I don’t know what it is but it just is.


    This guy was so stoked that he jumped through the fire, buck naked several times


    Hula hooping lessons?


    The fire raged on.


    Tent city.

    The next morning we had to get going pretty soon. We broke all of our stuff down and hit the road. Thank you so much Marc Dean, Travis Davenport and Brian Davenport for the event!


    Brian and Travis Davenport of Push Culture


    Max Gnar serenading us with some Leonard Cohen

    I hope you enjoyed my images and what i had to write. If you don’t, that’s okay too. I promise that I will do my write ups on time after this. Here’s yet another link to my personal photo blog.
    Steve Kong Tumblr

    And with that, i’ll leave you with some Leonard Cohen. Enjoy.


    All images were taken by Steve Kong unless stated otherwise

  8. Ed Nieves

    Boneless into the bank

    Brooklyn NY

    Photo: Jorge Martinez

  9. Bruised heels and a plethora of feels. Don’t focus on the view too much, or you may get macked by a car


  10. Skater logic:


    We will cross an entire city to get to “that one curb downtown that’s really good.”

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